15 years ago I wrote a book, titled We As Men, Start Talking . 6 months later and countless bottles of wine, I realized that I was too scared and too ill-equipped to share it with the world; the very same world that I lived in. That book collected digital dust and remained locked deep within the vaults of various hard drives. The conversation could have been lost forever….were it not for podcasts.

Drawing inspiration from various podcast innovators, I decided to Start Talking. In June of 2019 I launched We As Men, Start Talking and to date it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. The digital dust has evolved to include multiple podcast series of various topics, all with the same mantra; change the world one conversation at a time. We As Men, Start Talking explores all of the simplest and most complicated parts of We As Men; our strengths, faults, fears and insecurities.

WE AS... MEN - Episodes

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