In June of 2019, I began listening to a podcast hosted by my good friend, Carl Anthony. Listening to We as Men, Start Talking awoke something inside of me… and it gave me the understanding that I was NOT being the best possible version of myself. I immediately went to work on being a better husband, a better friend and a better Dad. This was the genesis of We as Dads, Start Talking. I wanted to join in the conversation and provide a platform for Dads to start talking. This is a place where Dads can learn and share with other Dads about what it means to be the best possible versions of ourselves as men… and as Dads.

I truly believe that all Dads need to be able to open up about the issues in their lives and We as Dads is the perfect place to start.Together we will break down the walls that have held us into ourselves for generations. The time to change is now, and together, we can do it!

I want to welcome you to the journey you are about to take and I want to thank you for being part of this great movement. It’s time to Start Talking!

WE AS... DADS - Episodes

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