Whatever walk of life you come from, whatever your story is, whatever your journey has been or what it may be; one thing we all have in common is that WE AS is a community that is stronger than one person alone can ever be. We need each other and we want each other. We all want to be a part of something that helps us to feel included, important and valuable. We all want to be heard and the WE AS Podcast community is the source for all voices, all ears and all change. WE AS listeners and contributors have a chance to change the world, one conversation at a time. 

The WE AS platform offers multiple podcast series, each one is specific to various topics and is hosted by artists who have a deeply vested interest in creating one conversation at a time. The ultimate goal is to change the world we all live in. This is not a small task and WE AS can’t do it alone. We need each of you to join the conversation by listening, subscribing and most of all, to Start Talking. 

You are no longer alone, you are now a part of the WE AS community and we welcome you. 

We As Men

15 years ago I wrote a book, titled We As Men, Start Talking. 6 months later and countless bottles of wine, I realized that I was too scared and too ill equipped to share it with the world; the very same world that I lived in. That book collected digital dust and remained locked deep within the vaults of various hard drives. The conversation could have been lost forever….were it not for podcasts. Drawing inspiration from various podcast innovators, I decided to Start Talking…

We As Dads

In June of 2019, I began listening to podcast hosted by my good friend, Carl Anthony. Listening to We as Men, Start Talking awoke something inside of me… and it gave me the understanding that I was NOT being the best possible version of myself. I immediately went to work on being a better husband, a better friend and a better Dad. This was the genesis of We as Dads, Start Talking. I wanted to join in the conversation and provide a platform for Dads to start talking…

We As Difference Makers

Throughout this podcast I will offer insights through my personal journey of struggle, fear, success, failure and growth. Alongside these insights I will discuss health, mindset and personal growth both solo and with subject matter experts. In my professional career I have coached over 15000 hours to hundreds of clients through many channels. During these hours of ‘fine tuning my skills’ I have become a Difference Maker

We As Women

We joined the We as family of podcasts to bring a female narrative to the group. We know that for generations women have learned from each other through stories. Together we represent many faces that women wear such as mom, single mom, wife, survivor, but more importantly we know that there are many other representations of women out there and we want to invite them to share their stories and inspire others.

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